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Gabby God’s Little Angel – Gabby’s Stick to It Day Book Review

Gabby’s Stick To It Day by

Sheila Walsh

Category: Juvenile Fiction/Religious/General

Price: $14.99 US

ISBN: 978-1-4003-1805-6

Book Information:

Sophie wants to do good and tries to do good. But when the doing gets

tough, Sophie quits time after time! Can her guardian angel, Gabby, help

Sophie learn to persevere?

The second book in the Gabby, God’s Little Angel Series, Gabby’s Stick To

It Day offers young readers this lesson in “stick-to-itiveness”….

When it comes to doing good , never give up!

Our Thoughts:

We received a copy of Gabby, God’s Little Angel- Gabby’s Stick to It Day

by Sheila Walsh to review with the children. The kids really took to it

immediately with the beautiful illustrations and the wonderful story of

sticking to something you start and seeing it through to the end. I think

that this really helped my little ones out especially, Nesi. Nesi has this

habit of starting to clean her room and not finishing it, so reading this

book has helped her to complete many little tasks she’s given.

About The Author

Women of Faith speaker and Bible teacher, is author of the

award-winning Gigi, God’s Little Princess series, The Shelter

of God’s Promises, God’s Shelter for Your Storm, and the

novel Sweet Sanctuary. She has sold more than 4 million books,

DVDs, and curriculum. Sheila lives in Texas with her husband,

Barry; son, Christian; and two little dogs, Belle and Tink.

Disclosure: Book was received for free in exchange for our honest

opinion. Thanks to the kind folks at Litfuse Publicity for the opportunity.


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