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Theta Mom Thursday Visit to Nail Salon

I’m so happy that I finally got double the time out
for me..well, I ended up at the salon this morning
getting my nails done. I had gone job hunting this
morning filled out applications at three different
places after dropping off the kids at school. After
wards I picked up Nesi from the babysitter and
took her with me to the salon to get my nails
done since we’re leaving to Salt Lake City tomo
rrow morning for my little sister’s baby shower.

Nesi couldn’t sit still inside so they asked if
she could get her nails done too for $5. so I
okayed it and that got her settled real quick.
She picked lavender and I got the acrylics full
set for $30..but I swear it said, $25 in the
front window..anywhoo..I love my nails and
I feel like I got my confidence

How did you spend your hour of free time to
yourself? check out what other moms are
posting up through Theta Mom.

I’ll post up pics in a bit, after my cell phone
charges…Happy Theta Mom Thursday!!

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This entry was posted on November 19, 2009 by in ThetaMom, Time Out Thursdays.
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