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Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday

If you’re new to “Time Out for Theta
Moms Thursday” and would like to 
join in on the fun, It’s about setting 
a goal to set aside one hour of time
within a week to do whatever you
want, without the kids. So on Thursdays
you can post what you did with your
hour of “me” time on Heather’s page
with a link back to your blog, so
that other mom’s can see what you
did with your hour of free time.

I just joined my friend, Feina’s
Biggest Loser Weight Loss Group last week
and the goal is to weigh in at the
start & pay $20 ea. then lose as much
as you can before the next weigh in
which is next month on the 10th.

Whoever loses the most at weigh in
on the 10th wins all the money collected
from each person that paid the $20 due.
So, It’s pretty fun! They’ve been
really successful for the past year or
so and this is my first time joining.

I weighed in at 286..ughh (the heaviest 
I’ve been ever!) and am looking to at
least drop 10 lbs. (realistically) by
the 10th & keep working down from there.
So far, I’ve been walking in the evening 
with my kids but not going far distances
like I use to on my own.

I’ve packed on about 100 pounds after
having the two youngest ones and not
shedding all the baby weight after.
Plus snacking while blogging and not
burning it off after is what has gotten
me to this point.

So this morning I actually woke up at
4am and started walking to the gym in
our complex. I started for 30 minutes
on the elliptical and walked for 30
minutes around the complex taking in
that fresh air and feeling great.

Came back and drank tons of ice water!
ahhh. refreshing H20, great workout,
house is still quiet and an hour of
time to myself…can’t beat that one..

2 comments on “Time Out for Theta Mom Thursday

  1. Theta Mom
    September 25, 2009

    Good for you girl! Awesome! I actually started getting my butt back on the treadmill and as much as I complain about it, I know it's doing my body some good! I know it's not such a "fun" time out, but it is certainly something that you are doing for YOURSELF and that's the point!!! Thanks again for linking up! šŸ˜‰

  2. Luscious Deals Reviews
    September 26, 2009


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