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New Target Printable Coupons

Target has new coupons out and they’re pretty great coupons. Go here to print them out! Here’s a breakdown of what’s on there.

– $1 off Combos 7 oz. cheddar snacks
– $1 off Combos 7 oz. pretzel
– $1 off 10 ct. Kudos variety pack
– $1 off 10 ct. Kudos M&Ms granola bars
– .75c off Desitin diaper rash treatment
– $1 off Skittles Crazy Cores Candy
– $1 off 4.4 oz. Twixels Caramels
– $1 off Sutton & Dodge Steak or Roast
– .50c off 1 lb. or more of bananas
– $1 off Finish by Electrasol dishwasher detergent
– $1 off 4.4 oz. Twixels French Vanilla Candy
– $1 off Twixels Triple Chocolate Candy
– $1 off 14oz. Starburst FaveReds
– $1 off Starburst 14.oz Original Fruit Candy


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This entry was posted on August 12, 2009 by in Target printable Qs.
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