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Beautiful Hair Accessories..

Photo: Courtesy of Mellow Mood Creations

Mellow Mood Creations has an awesome line up of
accessories that I just discovered yesterday and
have hinted to my dh that I really, reaally luuuv!!

Not only do these ladies create one of a kind shell
accessories but they also do parties, custom tees,
Hawaiian quilts and more. They’re located in Calif
ornia and are a family owned business.

If you like what you see contact them through their
bebo page at:

Here’s my favorite that I’m hoping I’ll get..if not
I’ll get it for myself..with all the money I’ve saved
through couponing..I can splurge on this item for me.

Photo: Courtesy of Mellow Mood Creations.

2 comments on “Beautiful Hair Accessories..

  1. T*Family
    May 9, 2009

    OMW Maopa I’m sooo glad u posted their info. I love love love their creations. Oh dang, Not another site that will take me away from what I really should be doing…LOL. Thanks girl! Have a blessed Mother’s DAy. Hope your DH spoils you rotten.. TTFN!!!

  2. Puanani503
    May 13, 2009

    Thanks for that:) I hope your Mothers day was an awesome one also! I love their creations and think it’s great what they got going there. Happy Wednesday:)

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