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Deals I picked up at Albertsons last night.

I had $28 on me
last night and used up the whole amount and got back
$20 in catalinas to use on my next shopping trip.
Instead of coming back I did multiple transactions.
This deal from Albertsons is like the best. You
buy 10 and get a $10 coupon back that is good towards
your next purchase. See ad for more details.

1st Transaction consisted of:
~ 4 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes (Lemon & Carrot Cake)
3 for $5
~ 6 Betty Crocker Delights @ 3 for $5
used .50c/1 mfr. Q
Final Price= $12.00 OOP (Out Of Pocket)
Recieved = $10 coupon (catalina)good towards my
next purchase.
Total Saved = $10.50

2nd Transaction:
~ 2 Betty Crocker Delight $1/67 ea.
~ 4 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes $1.67 ea.
~ 4 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel $2 ea.
Final Price: $14.01 OOP (Out Of Pocket)
Recieved = $10 coupon (catalina)prints out of the
machine after the receipt.Good towards your next
Total Saved: $15.69

After the 1st transaction I rolled the 1st $10 coupon
and got 7 bottles of Hawaiian Punch and 4 cans of
sliced peach for the kids. and paid .56c oop. and
saved a total of $21.53 on those items.

Please post up your deals, we love to hear from
our readers!

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This entry was posted on February 22, 2009 by in Albertsons Deals.
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