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Yesterday was a super busy day for my family and I . My husband 

took us out to Hometown Buffet for Valentines. It’s been a long while
since our family has gone out to eat, so the kids were really excited. 
Afterwards, I dropped dh off at home with the kids while I ran 
to our Church to help the Young Women leaders do our Valentines
Party for the girls. 
Tonite was awesome. We made rice krispies, cut them into shapes
with the cookie cutters, then we tried our hand at Bakerella’s Red
Velvet Cake Balls. We didn’t have the chocolate or red velvet cake
mixes, so we improvised with the Betty Crocker Brownie Mixes..
rolled them into balls then dipped them in the chocolate that 
we had accidentally burned in the microwave (due to excessive 
chatting, cleaning and laughing) 
Yes, it was fun, weird that the kids still wanted to eat the Brownie
balls that were dipped in somewhat burned Hershey’s Milk Choco
late… ahh..what a time it won’t be
Sorry no pics. Didn’t have time to take them..yes, that’s how 
fast they all disappeared. Even with Lani’s trays of Chip and Dip. 

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This entry was posted on February 13, 2009 by in ramblings.
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