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Denny’s FREE Grand Slam

A friend called me to inform me of this awesome deal today!!!!
You can’t beat a Free breakfast. It’s Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, from 6 am
to 2 pm. They’ll be handing out coupon booklets to the public also.


2 comments on “Denny’s FREE Grand Slam

  1. Liz
    February 3, 2009

    Aloha from Hawaii…thanks for stopping by my blog. I am just starting to use more coupons and have a spreadsheed saved to see how much money we save! I will be visiting your blog often to see if any coupons or good deals apply to Hawaii…but if not you share a lot of other good home tips…5 kids …same like me + 3 foster! Gotta love them!!! ~Liz

  2. Puanani503
    February 3, 2009

    Aloha Liz, Thanks for following and stopping by. I will try my hardest to post deals that will apply to you also. I like your idea of using the spreadsheet. Can you share that with us one of these days? Thatsounds like a wonderful’ve got a full plate andmany blessings to come with it. Look forward to chatting with you more. Maopa:)

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