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My Resolutions For Ushering In The New Year……

I’ve already started on my resolutions for
the new year and have gotten some really
good ideas from some really awesome sources.
This is what I’ve been working on for now..
will continually be adding on and updating.

1. Challenge myself to not be afraid
to so something different in my life.
to keep myself going on my goals, etc.

2. Staying away from toxic people around me.

3. Spending & devoting more time to my family.

4. Will make healthier choices with food.
such as, smaller food portions, not eating
until I feel I’m full.

5. Spending some of my spare time reading
books that are inspirational, spiritual, educational,

6. Give myself more “me” time. In order for
me to give my all to my family, work, etc.
I need to take time out to take care of
myself by asking my husband to watch the kids
while I go walking, give myself a pedicure
or take and extra couple of minutes to
do a know what I

7. Start a scrapbook of family recipes with
my daughters, my mom & sisters to hand down
in the family.

8. Living within my means, saving 10% of my
earnings for a rainy day ..( 2-3 years worth of funds)

9. Build up my stockpile to last us for at least 2 years.
right now I only have a couple of months worth..
still got alot to do..


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This entry was posted on December 24, 2008 by in New Years Resolutions.
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