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My Walgreens Deals Today 12/09/08

Went to the Oregon City, OR Walgreens this morning
to see what kind of makeup I could get with my
$4/1 Maybelline coupons (RP 12/7) so I tried to get the Crest Spinbrush
as advertised on the paper (but the register beeped and didn’t accept it)
and used the EasySaver Coupon from their
book and couldn’t get it even though there was a little orange sign in
front of it that said that it was for $4.99 I told the cashier, Bryson that it
is clearly marked $4.99 back there and that he could go look himself. He didn’t
so he called his manager. The manager said it was the wrong one(even though I
grabbed it from the section that’s already marked $4.99 as advertised!!) and so he
went himself to the back and grabbed this huge Crest Spinbrush that was
for $18.99 and said that’s the one and told the cashier to ring it up.I told him
that is not the one that is advertised for $4.99 and the cashier said, that’s it and
it’s for $18.99 I told him to forget it, I’ll only purchase the other items. That was
really bad customer service, I’m not sure if I want to go back to this one even though
it’s down the street from me.Anyways..moving the Maybelline New York
makeup is bogo (buy one get one free) right now. The Colgate is buy 2 for $5
so I used my Colgate Adult/Childrens Toothpaste (any 4oz +) coupon .75/1 SS
12/07 together with 1 ES (EasySaver) $3/1 cpn.

2 – Colgate T/P CLN. 5.8 oz. 2 for $5 used 2 .75/1 mfg. cpn + 1 ES $3/2 cpn = 2.00
2 – Maybelline Eyeliner Pencils bogo $3.49 ea. used $4/1 mfg. cpn = 4 FREE packs
1 – Maybelline Eyeliner Pencil bogo $4.79 ea. used $4/1 mfg. cpn = .79 for one got 2nd eyeliner FREE

total before coupons = 31.77
total after coupons = .75 cents
used RR (Register Rewards) $3.50 coupon plus .75 cents cash to pay
for total purchase.
saved a total of $31.77

$11.77 was automatically removed by computer for the bogo
free Maybelline Eyeliners.
$20.00 MFG coupons were used

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This entry was posted on December 9, 2008 by in free maybelline makeup, Walgreens.
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