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Preview of the Albertsons Mega Deal for 11/05 – 11/11/08

So this is from my first trip to the albies (albertsons) deal…
and a special thanks to Sinai Pauni from Cents-Able Shoppers (UT) for this info. here’s the link from PYP for the Albertson’s Mega Deal.

the items on the link are the same items and same ad here also. so keep in mind
that the items in the gray area are what you would need to buy in order to recieve your $15 in Catalina back, if you shopping is large and will be more than $30.00 then separate them into groups, so they would each ring up at $30.00 each before coupons. For example, if your shopping came out to $60.00 before coupons, then you would only recieve $15 back ( 3 – $5 catalinas) .
But if you separate the two into $30 increments, you will get back $15 for each -totaling $30.
There are a lot of printables that match up with the items – another reminder – do not PHOTOCOPY the Qs. It’s coupon fraud and you can get into lots of trouble.


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This entry was posted on November 5, 2008 by in Catalinas, Mega Deals, PYP.
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