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Kmart double coupon deal..

Well as you probably all know tomorrow is the last day for this deal. But probably not the last..
This was from the last double coupon deal at the Oregon City store on Beavercreek Rd. My total before coupons was $143.00 after coupons it was $23.22 . should have been for $8.00 but my husband threw in cookies that we didn’t have coupons for.
11 Revlon lipsticks – $3.50 in clearance section – $2 q/1 item doubled is $4/1 = FREE
2 Secret deodorants/ trial size @1.99 – $1 q/2 items doubled as $2.00= FREE
2 Pert Shampoo/Cond. @ $5.98 – $2.00 q/1 item doubled as $4 ea. q = FREE
13 Glade Candle holders @ $38.87 ($2.99 ea.) used $2.00 q on each holder, doubled to $4 off ea. =FREE (overage of $13.13 that covered the shopping)
6 Edge Shave Cream/Trial @ $1.49 ea. ($8.94 for 6) used $1 q doubled to $2.00 = FREE
4 Glade Plugins refills 1/$2.69 ($10.76 for 4) used $2 q. doubled to $4 ea. = FREE

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